1. Question: Is it possible to change our decision of attending online classes at a later stage?
Answer: Yes. With a notice period of 1 week.

2. Question: How will the school conduct examinations? Will it be online?
Answer: For classes 9 to 12, written tests will be conducted at school where as for other grades it is still under review.

3. Question: It will be too stressful to have classes from the morning and then in the afternoon as well. Can they have a straight online class shift?
Answer: In order to reduce face to face timing in school we have opted for this blended method.

4. Question: Should the students wear school uniform or can they wear dresses to cover them completely?
Answer: School Uniform is not mandatory for new admissions.

5. Question: Should children bring devices to school?
Answer: The students in class will have to bring their devices.

6. Question: Will the fees for the students attending online classes and school classes be the same?
Answer: There will be no change in the fee structure of the school.

7. Question: How will you ensure that pick-up points for OT students are not crowded?
Answer: Measures are in place for the same and the number of students attending school is less so overcrowding can be avoided.

8. Question: What will be the bus fee if the child is attending school only for 2 days a week?
Answer: No change in bus fees as the buses will be plying every day.

9. Question: Will there be any extracurricular activities?
Answer: All extracurricular activities will be conducted online.

10. Question: How will the Science practical be conducted during online classes? What safety measures will be taken while students exchange apparatus?
Answer: Science practicals will be conducted when students attend school. Students will not be allowed to exchange apparatus. If they have to, then it will be cleaned and sanitised before the next student uses it.

11. Question: What initiatives will be taken to reduce rush in toilets?
Answer: Sectional supervisors will manage a staggered toilet break for their sections.

12. Question: Will there be PE Classes & assemblies?
Answer: All assemblies and gatherings stand suspended at school. PE lessons will be conducted as per the
TT maintaining social distancing.

13. Question: Will the rooms be sanitized regularly?
Answer: Rooms will be sanitized twice a day.

14. Question: Will there be masks and sanitizer available in the school?
Answer: Masks and sanitizers must be provided by parents. Wall mounted sanitizers will be placed at strategic points in the school.

15. Question: How is thermal scanning done in school? What will the school do if temperature of the child is abnormal?
Answer: Our school will have contact less thermal scanners placed at two entrances. If it detects a temperature equal to or higher than 37.5 ° C then, the child will be taken to a waiting room and temperature will be checked again after 10 minutes. If the child is normal then he/ she will be sent to class. If not, then the child will be sent to the isolation room where our medical team will take over.

16. Question: Can students use e-books? How will the school ensure that students are not exchanging books, laptops & stationaries?
Answer: Yes, students can use eBooks. Students will have to be educated by teachers and parents not to exchange books and stationaries.

17. Question: Afternoon timing is clashing with the private tuitions and entrance coaching. Can the school reconsider the timings?
Answer: Private tuition times will have to be readjusted.

18. Question: Will each student have his/her own seat in the bus?
Answer: All students will have seats allotted to them.

19. Question: How do you assess the staff operating the bus services are not COVID positive?
Answer: All staff will have the same checking policies that are applicable to students.

20. Question: For kg students how will they use the toilets without any help?
Answer: It will be good to train your children to be independent when using washrooms, however, there will be nannies to monitor.

21. Question: How many days a week will there be classes in school for all students?
Answer: If the students opting for face to face learning in a class is less, (<10 in KG and < 15 in other grades) then all the students of that class can come to school on all 5 days. It will vary from class to class and we will provide more information by the end of August 2020.

22. Question: How will the classroom seating be?
Answer: The students will be seated 1.5m away from each other.

23. Question: While the lesson is going on in class, how is it possible to focus or rather have a check on students who are at home?
Answer: Teachers will be trained to teach both groups together

Parent's Testimonials

  • I would like to thank all the teachers and the management who took the initiative of distance learning and to those working hard towards it. Online classes provide new experience to the studentsand also to overcome the pandemic. Students are able to interact with the teacher and friends and they feel like sitting in the class itself. Once again thank you GMS for giving the students a wonderful oppurtunity and experience.

    Thajuniza Jaffar (Rayan Jaffar 2B)

  • Distance learning is helpful as my kid is still can learn even during the epidemic situation.Great peace of mind as no travel and no exposure with outside. I am so happy to have miss Juhy Grace as his class teacher she is very helpful for me to clear my doubts regarding subjects.she is very motivative appreciating and giving equal importance to each and everyone in the class.

    Anju Sakhil (Aadhish A S, Grade 1 F)

  • During the current situation of lockdown , distance learning is the most convenient and safe source of learning for kids. We find that distance learning is also cost effective. I believe that distance learning have improved my daughters confidence level
    It was a very good thought that the School brought the idea of distance learning.The teachers are very helpful and cooperative.

    Aswathy Madanarajan (Shivani Liju Nair , V F)

  • We are here to Thank you for your effort, patience , time and doing best to our children.
    “We are enjoying distance learning. E learning is a sudden change but it’s
    happening in the most effective way in GMS .We want to thank our dear
    teachers who are working so hard to make this happen. 
    Children’s are active and have an interest to be there always.
    Main advantage of E-learning is flexibility in Learning.
    It’s distant learning but gives the feeling of a real classroom. My son enjoying it .

    Sana Hanas ( Muhammed Hanan 3-F)